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Keep your Doggie in Good Health

    Keep your Doggie in Good Health

    Just like the human being and other living creatures, even dogs have certain basic needs that help them to stay happy and healthy. Being the owner of this innocent creature, you are in every way responsible in providing your dog’s basic health needs. Online sites like Ultimate Dog provide detailed information on this.

    Health care tips

    • Choose the right food for your dog –You can try out some dry food with your dog. These dry foods are normally cheaper and considered beneficial for dental health. Then next you can check if your dog likes to have canned food. Canned foods are tastier and are moister.Canned foodsare more expensive than dry foods. You can also try semi-moist foods which aren’t as common as canned and dry foods. Avoid feeding your dog some human foods like alcohol, avocados, grapes,raisins and chocolate etc. But the prime thing you should keep in mind is the quality of food. The most important factor is that the food is high quality. So, you need to read the label and understand the ingredients.
    • Determinethe proper feeding amounts –When you are purchasing the readymade food always follow the manufacturer recommendations to avoid obesity. Adult dogs should be fed one to two times a day but puppies should be fed more frequently.
    • Make your dogs exercise – Take your dog regularly for walks and play games with them. Always check the weather before you go out.

    Regularly visit the vet

    If you take a look at the articles provided in the site Ultimate Dog, you would get a fair idea on what your schedule should be in taking your pet to the veterinary. Puppies should be taken to the vet at the age of eight weeks. Right from this age their vaccination starts and your vet would brief you regarding the vaccination schedule that will help them build their immunity system. Some of the basic vaccinations include rabies the most deadly disease, Lyme vaccine and distemper. They should be also provided the heartworm preventative and taken for de-worming to the vet at regular intervals. Deworming treatment keeps them free from hookworms and roundworms. Dogs should be neutered or sprayed. Such operations help in preventing problems like male dog fighting, stops male dog roaming, reproductive tract cancers and controlsthe population. So, taking your beloved pet to the vet on a regular basis helps them lead a healthy life and keeps them fit and happy.

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