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What Are The Dogs That Shed The Most Hair?



Many times some people take into account the hair that certain breeds of dogs shed when choosing a pet. This fact is done, above all, to avoid allergy issues since many people have problems with mites. This fact can cause certain health problems that, if not treated in time, can become more and more serious.

What are the dog breeds that shed the least hair?

– Yorkshire Terrier: It is one of the most intelligent and elegant dogs that we can find. In addition, it is a very small dog and it is very common to see it as a pet in homes because of its particular beauty and also because it sheds very little hair. One of the main characteristics of this breed is that it has a long and majestic coat that must be constantly cared for by the owners.

– Cairn Terrier: It is a small dog of Scottish origin and it is also one of the oldest breeds that we can find today. It should also be noted that this breed is one of the ones that loosens the least hair and that the coat can be found in various colors.

– Poodle: Poodle fur is one of the most beautiful that we can find in the animal world. It stands out above all for its tendency to curl and that it releases very little hair. This event occurs because instead of falling their hair gets tangled in the fur and does not fall to the ground, thus saving us a lot of work at home.

– Shi Tzu: they come from China as their name indicates and they are very famous in their native country for being one of the best guard dogs that we can find today. This fact surprises people a lot since it is a fairly small dog.

– Schnauzer: This breed of dog is very common in Spain and stands out for being much smarter than the average dog. In addition, the Schnauzer can be found in different sizes. That is, you can see dogs of this breed in both large and small sizes and their fur is very hard, with which it is also very difficult for them to fall to the ground.


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