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Urban dogs: 3 guidelines to avoid stress



Living in a city can sometimes be stressful for us and also for our dogs since noises and visual stimuli are constant in the urban environment; on the other hand, the city offers us opportunities for good socialization and having an active and balanced dog.

1 Urban dog: socialization builds trust and security

The environment in which dogs live is an important factor in their emotional well-being and influences their behavior and behavior. For dogs that live in the city, it is essential that puppies feel as safe and comfortable in urban life, and develop confidence in that environment, which is the one they will get to know better, on a daily basis.

Socialization is not “all or nothing.” You can socialize a puppy a little, a lot, or a lot. The broader the range of experiences you are familiar with (between three and twelve weeks of age is the time when puppies are most receptive and learn new experiences), the better your chances of successfully managing a wide variety of situations as an adult However, it is important to understand that this process must be carried out progressively and not by exposing more hours to more stimuli, the puppy will be better socialized, since it can feel overwhelmed and this will generate anxiety and stress.

The golden rule with the puppy in socialization is to keep a close observation on its reaction to the stimuli that it receives so that we can modify the process in case it feels fear or phobia before any situation, object, or sound.


2 Urban dogs: physical activity in «dog-friendly» places

Fortunately, it is increasingly easy to find green spaces and dog parks in cities and since they all require physical activity and moments of daily play, to develop adequately both physically and emotionally and have a good quality of life, you have to take advantage of them to enjoy moments of environmental enrichment in the street that allow them to express their natural behaviors with the environment and with other dogs, keep their body active and the mind well stimulated, that allows them to leave a small space such as a flat or apartment, and an environment that can bore them due to lack of stimuli

Of course, we can run with our pet as long as it is in optimal health and in good shape; to accompany us running while we are cycling (with prior training to avoid risks), or on skates.

In addition, there are numerous dog sports with which we can have fun together and exercise longer, taking advantage of the weekend.


3 Urban dogs need to play with other dogs

This is one of the favorite activities of sociable and playful dogs; Not only does it allow them to express their emotions, but they also expend energy and are happy. It is important to know that some dogs are very energetic, intense, and somewhat rough when playing and this can scare the owners of other dogs. Knowing well the body language of dogs helps us distinguish between the attitude of play and that of conflict.

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