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Tips to improve your dog’s sleep



The dog’s sleep is a vital function of its physical and emotional well-being. It is curious to know that, while for humans the dream is a means of escape from their emotions or experiences, in the case of dogs it has an authentic didactic power: dreaming allows them to fix the memories of that day at the same time as any learning that has been able to perform.

Although it is other animals (such as cats) that have the reputation of sleepers, the truth is that dogs follow them very closely: it is estimated that an adult dog sleeps an average of 13 hours a day, although it is true that they usually count with many more periods of wakefulness (human sleep) during the day than any other animal. This trait is a sign that the natural conservation instinct of their wolf ancestors is preserved in their genetic inheritance, and that constant state of alert as if they were in nature.

For these reasons, and because of the immense number of biological functions that are favored in this state, it is important to ensure that the dog’s sleep is pleasant. A quiet and discreet way to protect your health.



Although the dog’s sleep during the day is light, the truth is that at night they can fall into a deep sleep similar to ours. Helping him to do so is by keeping in mind some tips that will allow you to make him an ally of your well-being.

How to make a dog’s sleep healthy and pleasant:

1. Natural nutrition, essential for your sleep
As we have already spoken on other occasions, the importance of natural nutrition in dogs not only allows a dog to grow with the nutrients it needs but also has a better old age. Food has a direct impact on sleep; and is that when a dog eats naturally, their digestions are less heavy and, therefore, they can sleep soundly!

2. Fatigue, the key to resting the dog
Dogs, and especially young dogs, have a high energy level like children. A vigor that needs daily venting to be able to sleep peacefully afterward. It is important to understand that if sleep helps you release tension, physical exercise does not less.

For this reason, doing a minimum daily of physical activity with your dog (going for a walk, encouraging him to run, or bringing us a certain toy) will not only promote his character to remain balanced but also help him to rest better.

3. Provide an appropriate resting place
Many times we make the mistake of allowing our dog to sleep where he wants (which is usually on a sofa or on the bed in which we sleep). However, having your own space to sleep is not only important for your rest but is also key to forging your obedience and making you understand the rules of coexistence.

It is necessary that the space is in accordance with the dimensions of the animal: if the dog is small, a basket with a mat will suffice; however, for larger dogs, we will have to find a place at home for a cushion according to their dimensions. It is also important to bear in mind that, the older our dog is, the more benefits his bed will have to have. The fluffiness will play a key role in helping (in the case of older dogs) that their joints do not suffer during sleep.

In addition, it is essential to correctly choose the material with which the mattress or bed of our dog is made. If we bet on cotton, for example, we will be facilitating greater breathability and greater insulation; and if, in addition, the fabric is hypoallergenic, we will reduce the chances of allergies.

Finally, a couple of tips on where to place the dog bed of your choice: since the dog is a pack animal, a great way to promote the use of your bed is that it is close to where we rest (this can be the sofa ); on the other, that their resting place is away from drafts and heat sources.

4. Create some routines
As we have discussed in a veiled way in the previous points, a key to the dog’s sleep is to create routines. Schedule routines, space to sleep, exercise, and even the same farewell protocol every night before we retire to sleep and let him rest. In this way, we will be helping you to identify that it is time to sleep.

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