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Tips for going to the beach with dogs



For most dogs, the experience of going to the beach with their owners is usually unique at any time of year. We give you an essential guide for your pet to enjoy safely.


Go to the beach with dogs

Consider that their stimuli vary depending on the time of year. For example, in low season, when the volume of owners with dogs on the beaches is lower, your dog will take advantage of it to exercise and run, especially if it is not a breed with a predisposition to water. While during the summer, due to the heat and the presence of other dogs on the same beach, their desire to take a dip and socialize will increase.

Take into account your dog’s temperament and his reaction the first day you decide to visit the beach with the dog. Due to its dimensions, your pet can see it as an uncomfortable place. If this is the case, you can resort to other plans in which your dog is safer.

It is important that, before going with your dog to a beach, you inform yourself of its location, characteristics, if they allow you to be with him, and if they have rest areas and showers.


What you should not forget to go to the beach with your dog

Once you’ve decided which beach to go to, set aside some time to plan what your dog will need. If the idea is to share a few days of summer, do not forget to pack the following in your backpack:

1. Your updated vaccination record in case of any unwanted unforeseen event.

2. A container or drinker and plenty of freshwaters.

3. An umbrella so that your dog is protected from the sun’s rays, especially in the hours of greatest exposure to the sun.

4. Bags to collect their droppings.

5. Some treat to reward him when he responds to positive stimuli.

6. A toy, if you like to play in the water.

7. Covers to protect the pads of its paws, in the event that your dog shows hypersensitivity to contact with hot sand.

8. Your leash and nameplate collar.

Going to the beach with dogs is the best experience for both of you. Most important of all, you and your pet have fun and have an amazing time together.

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