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The Spanish water dog



It is one of the most popular native Spanish breeds and the most widespread in the world; The Spanish water dog (also known by the acronym PDAE) is much loved for its extraordinary intelligence and its versatility to adapt to different lifestyles, as well as for that peculiar appearance with its characteristic curly hair.

A young dog breed with very ancient origins

The breed was officially recognized by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 1985 and by the International Cynological Federation in 1999, including it within group 8: retrievers, lifters, and water dogs, and within this last section, water dogs, thanks to the tenacity and rigorous work of breeders, fans and canine entities involved.

The water dog has ancient origins among us, and it is complex to trace all the hypotheses about its appearance and evolution in past times. Already around 1600 you can find written references to the description of a dog similar to the modern Spanish water dog; other theories connect it with the barbet (a French water dog) and with the primitive poodles.

What is unanimous is that the Spanish water dog is always described or mentioned as a dog with an extraordinary ability to work with man, performing herding functions (mainly sheep and goats) with amazing ability; the collection of aquatic pieces and different tasks in the fishing ports such as collecting objects that have fallen into the water, recovering fish that escaped from the net, carrying a rope in the mouth for mooring from the boat to the dock, among others, thanks to the fact that The Spanish water dog is an extraordinary swimmer.

Historically, there were two fundamental lines in the evolution of the breed in our country: the Andalusian (to the point that another of the nicknames with which this dog was known as “Andalusian Turkish”) and the Cantabrian.

The Spanish water dog is very intelligent, active, and versatile.
The Spanish Water Dog is very popular in our time as a companion dog, as it is affectionate, playful, “clever” and balanced. Likewise, it stands out as a great canine athlete, since thanks to its intelligence and high need for the activity it is common to see it practice various disciplines such as obedience, agility, or aquatic tests with pleasure and skill; It also stands out providing its services to society as a drug detection dog in the State security forces and bodies.

It is important that dogs of this breed receive good socialization with other congeners and people outside the family circle since they are very young since they can be somewhat reserved with strangers and that can lead them to be somewhat possessive and territorial.


How to take care of the Spanish water dog

It is a medium-sized breed (height at the withers for males from 44 to 50 centimeters and 40 to 46 for females). It is a rustic, strong, and resistant dog, and since it is a fully functional breed of origin, it adapts well to any environment, circumstance, and way of life, as long as we can provide it with a good dose of daily activity, both physical and mental, since who love to learn constantly.

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