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The Lurcher



The Lurcher is a difficult dog to see outside of Ireland and the UK. It is a breed that is bred for its psychological characteristics and not for its appearance. That is why it lacks a standard. It is a hunting and companion dog with a high need for physical activity.

Basic data

Weight: 27-32 kg, although there is a great individual variation as there is no standard.
Height: 69-76 cm.
Life expectancy: 13 years.
Ideal for: active people.

What does Lurcher mean?

The Lurcher has its origin in Ireland and the United Kingdom during the 17th century. It was used mainly for the poaching of hares and rabbits and was associated with gypsies. It was a dog of popular classes and, directly, it was called “poachers dog”. Today he continues to practice this activity, in which he is especially skilled.

He also participates in races after decoys. He loves to run. In addition, it is found as a companion dog. It is very rare to see it outside the UK or Ireland where it is common. Its name derives from the Romani lur, which means “thief.” For his part, Lurcher means “stalker.” He is related to greyhounds and has been bred without adhering to a standard.

In addition to greyhounds, their parents include other breeds such as the terrier or the Collie. At present their breeding has been systematizing more and more. In this way, the aim is to preserve the characteristics that make the Lurcher an excellent companion. It seeks to maintain its qualities without paying excessive attention to its appearance.

Lurcher traits

It is a medium-large dog. It does not have an established standard that can guide the breeding of the breed, but we can point out some physical characteristics that Lurcher specimens share. Thus, the eyes are small, dark, and round. They have an alert look.

On the other hand, the size of the ears is highly variable between the specimens. In general, they tend to be small and are worn semi-erect, with the base raised and the tips bent. The chest is deep, giving it considerable lung capacity. The legs are long and straight. The tail is long and thin.

There is a variety of wire hair and another of short hair. The most popular shorthair is soft to the touch and has an undercoat that thickens in winter, offering good protection against cold and adverse weather conditions. As for the colors, a great variety is allowed, such as cream, grayish or black.

Lurcher temperament

The Lurcher is a high-energy dog. Active, tenacious, and intelligent, it is a fact to take into account before adopting it. It has great endurance and is a very good runner, with a marked chasing instinct for any small animal that moves. It must be considered if there is the possibility that it may contact rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, etc.

On the other hand, he is kind and pleasant in his dealings with people, although he is not excessively affectionate. It is quiet, but in order to stay calm at home, it is essential that you do all the activities you need outside. He is good with children. It also coexists without problems with other dogs, but not with small animals.

Early socialization and obedience education are key to achieving a good coexistence and avoiding problems such as excessive shyness or aggressiveness. It is very important, in such a fast and active dog, that it obey us instantly in any situation. Lastly, Lurchers do not usually bark. They are not very territorial dogs.

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