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The Chinese Crested Dog. 4 things you should know



It is undoubtedly one of the most unique and original dog breeds in the world, a dog that leaves no one indifferent. Despite the fact that it may seem very “exotic” or minority, the truth is that the Chinese Crested Dog is increasingly popular, a success that is due not only to its particular physique but to which its charming character has also contributed: affectionate, vivacious, agile, intelligent and playful. We tell you all about him.

Is the Chinese Crested Dog really Chinese?

The exact origin of the breed is not known with complete certainty, and despite its name, it is not clear that its place of origin is China. Some scholars believe that it originated in the Philippines and from here it reached the court of Chinese emperors; while other dog lovers maintain that the enigma of its origin would be in the similarity with other “naked” breeds that have existed since ancient times in Mexico, Asia or Africa. The best-known breeds whose main characteristic is the absence of fur seem to come from Latin America, such as the Mexican Xoloitzcuintle and the Peruvian Hairless Dog.


The Chinese Crested Dog is officially English

The Chinese Crested Dog, its name in English, is recognized by the FCI under the patronage of Great Britain since it was the breeders and fans of this country who contributed to the recovery of the breed, it’s homogeneous breeding, and to set the type.


Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

The main characteristic of the Hairless variety (without hair ) is the absence of fur on the body (in some specimens there may be a very slight hair on the body) with the exception of its soft and beautiful crest on the head and neck, the silky fringes or “socks” that cover the bottom of its legs and the end of its tail, called a “feather”. They can be any color or combination of colors.


The skin of the Chinese Crested Dog

Its skin is soft, sometimes slightly grainy, and quite warm to the touch, so the dog compensates for the lack of hair to protect it from the cold. As in other breeds of naked dogs, this singularity was highly appreciated by their aristocratic owners, who placed them in their beds to warm them up. Their normal body temperature is identical to that of other dogs, around 38-39ºC.


Chinese Crested Dog with fur

The Chinese Crested Dog also exists in the variety called “Powder Puff” , in which the dog has abundant and long hair, very beautiful, like a silky veil.


The Chinese Crested Dog is small in size

The Chinese Crested Dog has a height at the withers of about 28 to 33 centimeters in males and 23 to 30 in females. There is no fixed weight in its standard, but depending on the specimen it can reach up to 4.5 or 5 kg. It is a small dog with a light, graceful and refined appearance. However, with the correct care regarding its skin, (be careful when picking it up so that we do not inadvertently scratch it), it is not a delicate breed.


The character of the Chinese Crested Dog

Due to their uniqueness, they are rather cold dogs, at home, they like to be warm and wrapped up, but they really enjoy walking and practicing sports such as agility, in which they excel. Carrying them well protected with a coat will not be any problem.

They are super familiar, very cheerful, and affectionate, and they learn with unusual speed. In general, they have a very easy and non-confrontational character, although their little moments of “independence” must be respected. It is not advisable to overprotect them, it is better for them to carry out a good socialization process with other dogs and people to prevent them from becoming shy or distrustful.


Chinese Crested Dog skincare

Specific care: it is convenient to know that not all Chinese Crested Dogs have exactly the same type or quality of skin: some have it drier, others more oily (with impurities or black dots) and others the ideal type that is soft and fine.

In general, a bath is recommended approximately every two weeks (always depending on your lifestyle and if there is any veterinary prescription in this regard, such as some type of skin disorder or skin infection) with a specific shampoo (moisturizing, antiseptic, etc. ..) depending on the state of the skin, and if it is healthy, take advantage of the moment of the bath to perform a light exfoliating massage to free it of impurities.

If we have doubts about the correct care of its skin, it is advisable to consult a breeder of the breed or a professional dog groomer, who will give us some simple guidelines to keep it in perfect condition.


The Chinese Crested Dog tans

Exposure to the sun: Chinese Crested Dogs like to sunbathe very much, and it is beneficial for them to do so for a little while each day, in the less rigorous hours, logically.

Depending on the color of the skin, we should be more careful with the time and intensity of our Chinese Crested Dog’s sun exposure: in general, dogs whose skin color is darker (black, gray, brown) can take more time in the sun without problems than dogs with lighter skin (pink or white) that should be protected with a sunscreen, which will then be removed to leave their skin very clean, and yes, Chinese Cresteds tan!

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