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The Belgian Shepherd Malinois: an exceptional dog



The Malinois is one of the members of the Belgian Shepherd Dog family (which includes four breeds), and its figure is increasingly familiar to all thanks to the spread of its facet as a rescue dog, assistance, sports work, or assistant to bodies and security forces around the world. Let’s get to know him better.

The Malinois likes to have a job to do

It is convenient to be clear that the Malinois is a dog that needs to “have a job” to feel physically and mentally fulfilled. The morphology of a true athlete, exceptional intelligence, and its great versatility constitute the essence of a dog extraordinarily appreciated in assistance, security, and police tasks, among others, and a devoted companion in the home whenever it is provided with physical activity and the mental challenges you need.


The Malinois has exceptional physical qualities

This breed, which receives its name from the Belgian city of Mechelen, has an approximate height at the withers of between 58 and 62 centimeters and a weight of between 20 and 35 kilos (the males are taller and heavier), it is a medium-sized dog. mid-line, powerful but elegant; almost “aerodynamic” morphology. Resistant, agile, and in good health in general, it is a rustic dog that does not need special care for its coat.


The Malinois has almost inexhaustible energy

The Malinois is a very active dog and requires a good dose of daily exercise since it was originally a working breed and is currently being maintained that way as well. Its owner must learn to channel this overflowing energy (especially in the dog’s juvenile stage) with “tasks” that stimulate and motivate its cognitive development, through games or long walks enriched with obedience exercises, for example, and the practice of sports. , for some of whom the Malinois is super gifted, (it is not in vain that he is affectionately known among his unconditional fans as ” the Formula One of the dogs “).

The Malinois needs adequate physical activity from an early age
In such an active dog with this remarkable mental ability, very early socialization and education is essential, as well as maintaining a level of physical activity according to its age, but on a daily basis: boredom generates frustration (as in all dogs) and that “ such a genuine spark of your character could turn into anxious and destructive behaviors (such as compulsively spinning).


The Belgian Malinois is an excellent companion in the home

If you understand the nature of this exceptional dog and train him correctly, he will be a very affectionate and dedicated companion for life, knowing how to remain calm and relaxed when you are at home or on the road, or in your daily activities! It is not about hyperactivity! , but a lot of energy!


The Malinois is one of the fastest learning dogs

The Malinois is closely attached to its owner and this bond is established almost immediately, in a loyal attitude, the image of a Malinois permanently looking for its owner or guide’s gaze, always looking out for him, always wanting to please him, being very typical. since puppy.


The Malinois sits very attached to its owner

All his emotions revolve around him, and this must be taken into account at the time of his education, since he may tend to develop a certain degree of dependency, which, on the other hand, is a trait highly appreciated by many of the children. owners or guides who work with them or practice sports.


It is very precocious for everything from puppy

It usually shows signs of its mental speed, almost instantaneous reflexes, and impetus from a very early age, so it is important to provide it with a stable environment that favors its cognitive development, its high capacity for concentration, and its socialization since it is a very family dog and you need to emotionally “connect” with her.

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