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The Basset Hound, the great little hound



The Basset Hound is a dog belonging to the hound type, classified in FCI group 6 (trailer dogs and similar breeds) and in section 1.3 (small-sized hound-type dogs). Today we tell you the main characteristics of this dog breed.


The history of the Basset Hound dog breed

The Basset Hound was bred by monks in its home country of France during the Middle Ages for hunting and was quickly accepted and bred in Britain as well.

Basset Hound Colors
It is a dog with short limbs, a robust and long body, with a great aptitude for work. His hair is short and straight, tight, and of medium thickness. Its length is uniform without the presence of fringes. It is usually tricolor: white, black, and tan, or bicolor: lemon and white.

Basset Hound Head
The wrinkles on his forehead are characteristic, and his skin is very elastic. Its snout is elongated and ends in a nose that is generally black in color, although it can be brown or liver in light-colored dogs. The lips of the upper lip are long, covering the lower lip. Also very particular are his eyes, brown, with a serious expression and drooping lower eyelid, and his ears, set low, long, thin, and with a rounded tip and curled inwards.

Its neck is wide and muscular, with a pronounced dewlap, and it has a robust, compact, and long body, with a deep chest. Its average height at the withers is 33-38 cm. Average weight varies between 20–27 kg for females and 23–29 kg for males.

The limbs are short, wide, and strong. The front legs must be well angled, with the elbows close to the body, and the foot plumb straight or slightly out. Skin folds are common, and the feet are broad and strong.

The tail is high, strong at the base, and fine at the tip, and should not be carried low or curled.


The Basset Hound is an active dog.

The Basset Hound is a dog prepared for hunting and work, a typical hound that follows trails perfectly. His character is calm but tenacious and gentle. He needs regular exercise that stimulates both his physique and his sense of smell.

The care that the Basset Hound needs
It is a breed that, due to its long confirmation and short limbs, has a tendency to suffer from spinal problems, with which its back must be taken care of with special attention. It is for this reason, and because of his fondness for food, that it is of the utmost importance to keep him at his ideal weight. It is advisable to pay attention to regular cleaning of the ears to avoid infections or the presence of foreign bodies.

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