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The Australian Shepherd, love at first sight



With an exuberant and striking appearance, the Australian Shepherd falls in love with the charm of his temperament: active, diligent, and keenly intelligent, he is an ideal companion both for family life and for playing sports together. We discover the reasons for its enormous popularity

The Australian Shepherd Dog is American

The Australian Shepherd or Australian Shepherd is a one hundred percent herding breed as it was developed on ranches in the western United States. Yes, its name is misleading, since the “ Aussie ” -as it is popularly known- did not originate in Australia.

It is believed that it received this name due to the Basque sheepdogs that arrived in the United States from Australia around 1800, and it was in the USA that the breed as we know it was created and selected.

The popularity of the Australian Shepherd has steadily increased ever since as his versatility and ability to learn meant that he was valued as an invaluable helper with livestock on ranches and farms, always willing to learn and collaborate with his family.


The Australian Shepherd is a strong and active dog.

The Australian Shepherd is a robust and strong dog but it does not have to seem “heavy” for that, but it is very elegant; with a broad chest and a body longer than it is tall, the males usually measure 51 to 58 centimeters at the withers; the females are somewhat smaller, measuring about 46 to 53 centimeters. It is so agile and resistant that you will see that when it moves, walks, runs, jumps, and changes direction it seems that it did not make any effort: it moves quickly but in a smooth and light way. Quite a spectacle!


What colors can the Australian Shepherd be?

The coat of the Australian Shepherd is one of the great attractions for its fans. Medium length, neither too long nor too short, from straight to wavy. Shorter and softer on the head and longer forming “fringes or pants” on the front and rear extremities and on the collar.

Its colors are merle blue, black, merle red, red; all with or without white markings and/or tan markings (copper color), in no preferred order.

The white color on the head should not predominate and the eyes should be completely surrounded by color and pigment.

His wonderful almond-shaped eyes, with an intelligent and sweet look, also present a variety of colors: brown, blue, amber, or any variation or combination of these colors, including mottled and marbled.

Blue merle and black dogs have black pigmentation on the eyelids. Those with blackbird red and red fur have liver-colored (brown) pigmentation on the eyelids.


The eye color of the Australian Shepherd

Surely it has caught your attention that numerous specimens of this breed have each eye of a different color (one blue and the other brown). This curious phenomenon is known as “heterochromia” and it also occurs in humans. It does not affect the health of the eye or its ability to see and function normally.


The character of the Australian Shepherd

It is undoubtedly the hidden treasure of this dynamic and adorable breed, which will fascinate you from the first minute you discover it.

The Australian Shepherd is a self-confident, energetic, affable, and sociable dog, which is why he needs the company of his owner: he likes human contact and interaction with family members.

To achieve the balance that characterizes this breed, the Aussie needs to be physically active and learn “things”, have mental stimuli: he will be totally happy if you teach him obedience exercises, canine skills, and he is a “top” dog for you to practice sports with him, such as flyball, agility, grazing and many others. Remember that a bored dog, without “mental challenges” can see his character modified and have negative behaviors. All up to you!

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