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Spanish Alano



The Spanish Alano is also called the Spanish Bulldog. They are an ancient breed of a bulldog. After participating in fights, hunts, and handling large specimens of cattle, today it is also a good companion dog.

Do you want to know all the details about this impressive breed? Let’s go there.

Basic data

  • Height: 56-64 cm.
  • Weight: 30-40 kg.
  • Life expectancy: 12 years.
  • Ideal for: people with experience in handling dogs.

Origin of the Alano Español breed

Its name indicates that its beginnings are in Spain. These date back to ancient times, although it is not until the 21st century that the Royal Canine Society of Spain recognizes the Spanish Alano as a breed. Their functions included both the grabbing of cattle, especially bovines, for their vaccination, marking or handling, as well as the hunting of deer and wild boar.

At present we can find specimens that maintain their traditional work with livestock, in protection tasks. But, above all, it is today dedicated to the surveillance and defense of property. He is considered a descendant of the dogs used by the Alans people. These were used in war and also with livestock.

They were specialized in grabbing bulls, for which they used their bulldog instinct. The Spanish Alano is represented in paintings by such famous painters as Velázquez or Goya. Also in the literature of Berceo, Lope de Vega or Cervantes. All this shows popularity that it does not enjoy today.

Physical characteristics of the Spanish Alano

This breed is large in size. Its appearance is imposing and powerful. His strong and muscular body is striking. Wide and large head and short, flat muzzle, with an always black nose. It is brachycephalic. The neck will present skin folds and wrinkles, forming a double chin, which can also be on the face. The ears are set high.

They used to cut. Luckily, this practice, whose sole purpose is aesthetics, is banned in more and more countries. Without trimming, the ears are folded over the face. The eyes are slanted and hazel, amber or yellow. All of his features convey a serious expression. The coat is short and thick.

Among its characteristic colors, we find brindle with or without black, fawn, reddish, gray, or yellow. They may have a black mask on the face and a few white patches on the chest, neck, or limbs area.

Spanish Alano temperament

The Spanish Alano is a dog that can be trusted. In general, he is calm, noble, and faithful in character. With his family, he is very affectionate, obedient, patient, protective, and even submissive. These traits facilitate their education. On the other hand, with strangers, he is going to stay serious and keep his distance.

He has a tendency to be dominant and determined, which can lead to problems with other dogs, with whom he even becomes aggressive, especially if they respond to him. This aspect can be improved with proper socialization. If they live with other dogs since they are puppies, a good relationship can be achieved between them.

Socialization should begin as soon as possible. It involves introducing the dog to very different conspecifics, other animals, people, and situations. For aspects such as those described, it is a more recommended breed for caregivers with dog experience and knowledge of canine psychology. He is little barking.

Basic care for the breed

The Spanish Alano adapts to living both outdoors and indoors. Of course, you will need a minimum of three walks a day. It is also recommended to offer him the possibility of doing a physical activity without a leash on a regular basis. Although at first glance it may not seem like it, it reaches a considerable speed.

This is the result of its origins as a hunting and prey dog. It is a dog that used to work, so we must also worry about offering stimulation on a mental level. As for hygiene, their short coat hardly requires care. We can give you a mitten or a glove suitable for this type of hair from time to time.

This helps us to reinforce the dog-human bond and helps them to get used to and accept our handling. In games, we will notice his tendency of a bulldog. He will try to hold toys, animals, or people with his mouth. We must take the opportunity to set limits and, thus, avoid problems in the future.


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