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Without a doubt, the Saluki is a beautiful dog. Their elegant and athletic shapes give us the sensation of speed and agility typical of greyhounds. But there is much more behind its appearance. Below we discover the secrets of this ancient race.

The oldest dog

So far, the findings on the history of the Saluki make experts think that this breed is probably the one that has been selectively bred for the longest time. That is to say, it is not about the fact that it is old, which it is, but about the time it has been growing up as such.


Saluki anatomy

His cuddly appearance is undeniable, although there are some remarkable and differentiating traits. For example, the muscles in their legs are somewhat less developed than those of other greyhounds.

Speaking of their legs, their bones are long, thin, and covered in fine skin. Also, they emphasize his expressive eyes, small and hazel or brown, and his ears covered with long hair. Moreover, his deep chest is made for endurance.

That is, it allows good space for the development of lung capacity, which favors said resistance and contributes to their fitness for running. Saluki can run at high speeds for many miles at a time.


The fastest dogs

As we say, the Saluki, like a greyhound that it is, is anatomically prepared to reach more than considerable speeds. In fact, in territories like Syria or Turkey, these greyhounds are bred for desert races, which are a highly appreciated hobby in places like the United Arab Emirates.

These greyhounds can also run after hares. These activities have been affected by the pandemic generated by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which has ended the exports of these dogs, which have also been affected for years by the war in Syria.


The intelligence of the Saluki

In the decade of the 90s, the psychologist Stanley Coren drew up a list collecting many canine breeds listed from highest to lowest intelligence. It must be said that what he valued was the capacity for learning, that is, the speed with which the dog manages to reproduce the commands that are taught.

The possibility of repetition of the learned commands was also studied, that is, the probability that the dog obeys a given command. Saluki is ranked 43 out of a total of 79 on the list.

This means that it can cost us to teach our Saluki and we will have to repeat the exercises that we do many times to get them to fix them. On the other hand, he will not always obey us, so we will have to provide him with a firm and consistent education.

The home for a happy Saluki

As soon as we see a dog like the Saluki, it is easy for the first thing we think about is racing and we imagine him happy in a house with a wide field where he can run at full speed. And it is true that the Saluki needs to be able to run and burn its energy since it is a very active breed.

But these animals have also managed to adapt to apartment living in the city. Of course, for the coexistence to be a success it is essential that we cover your activity needs. Otherwise, behavior problems will end up as a sign of your frustration.

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