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My dog has stuck a spike in it. Be careful!



With the arrival of good weather, we go out more to walk our dogs. At the same time, the plants bloom and, something that represents a danger for our friends, the spikes of the grasses sprout.

The spikes, due to their particular shape, once they are stuck can only progress forward and, if we are not aware, they will get stuck more and more on their way inwards, eventually forming an abscess or infection or even a fistula.

The spikes can stick in any area of the dog’s body but there are more susceptible areas such as:

The inside of the ears, especially in lop-eared dogs
Any natural orifice, such as the vulva or even the foreskin
interdigital spaces
Skin folds
Knots in long-haired dogs
Prevention is key. We must avoid walking with our dog through areas of weeds or plants with spikes. It is important to check it when you get home after walks and make sure that these most sensitive areas are free of any foreign body. For those dogs with long hair, maintaining an adequate length and systematic brushing, especially after outings in the field, will help to eliminate those spikes that have become entangled, preventing them from getting stuck.


But what if it’s already nailed?

It is best not to act on our own. When trying to extract it, we can aggravate the condition or not be able to eliminate it completely, leaving parts inside the animal’s body that will generate a subsequent infection. In no way should we manipulate them if they are in the nose, eyes, ears, or any natural orifice, because we will probably introduce it even more and we can favor its advance. The best option is to go to our veterinarian, who will proceed to extract it and establish an antiseptic or antibiotic treatment if necessary to prevent complications such as infections.

Let us, therefore, remember the three most important points:

Avoid walks through the grass fields in the flowering season
Review after walks of the fur in susceptible areas
Go to our veterinarian in case the spike has already stuck.

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