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Jack Russell Terrier: pure energy



This charismatic breed gains unconditional support every day. There may be two secrets to its popularity: its small size and above all its incredible character. With a Jack Russell, it is impossible to get bored!


Let’s look back: Parson and Jack

The Jack Russell is unique even in its origins and history. The breed was created in the mid-19th century by Reverend John Russell (known as Jack ) in Great Britain. His fondness for fox hunting made him select specimens from those of the Fox Terrier type, and little by little he created “his own dogs” of small size, of great resistance and strength, very intrepid, curious, and always alert. Their success in hunting was so remarkable that soon these types of dogs became known as Jack Russells or Parson Russells ( parson means parson).

The reverend was not overly concerned that the morphology and appearance of his dogs were homogeneous, in him the selection for their qualities for hunting prevailed, so until the dogs began to appear in beauty contests, the unification of the type was not valued. Over time, after many years and disquisitions, Great Britain officially recognized the breed as the Parson Russell Terrier, however, the country in which it developed the most was Australia, but as Jack Russell (with shorter legs and longer than its cousin the Parson who is taller and squarer). Currently, there are two different standards according to the FCI, one for the Parson and one for the Jack, although they share many aspects.


How is the Jack Russell Terrier on the outside?

It is a dog about 25 to 30 centimeters tall at the withers and about 5 to 6 kilos in weight. More elongated than square in appearance and short legs.

The predominant color must be white, with spots of black and/or red fire (tan), which can be more or less intense.

It presents three varieties in terms of the nature of its coat: short, hard, or with a “wire” texture, also called broken and long. We think that it is a breed created and selected to spend a lot of time in the field, hunting in the undergrowth, hence its rustic and resistant appearance.


And inside?

The great “treasure” of Jack is his peculiar character, an essence maintained throughout his history. His “people skills” are innate. Sociable, alert, daring, and extremely intelligent, you will have seen him as the protagonist of numerous commercials and movies. These qualities make him a wonderful companion for the whole family and an ideal dog to practice some dog sport with him since Jack “needs” mental stimuli to develop happily and have an active life. From something as simple as taking long walks in the countryside or playing with the ball, to learning sports canine skills. You will see how he loves to practice Agility, Flyball, or Disc Dog. You will have a great time with him!


A sound mind in a sound body…

In general, the Jack Russell is a strong dog, with robust health, as long as the necessary care is provided, of course.

1. A diet adapted to their active temperament is advisable.

2. Although their hair does not require complex grooming, proper hygiene and brushing must be maintained. If you want to maintain the correct texture in hard-haired varieties, it is advisable not to cut the hair with a machine as it can become silky over time, but to fix it with the stripping technique.

3. An early education, based on affection and perseverance. They are dogs that learn early, from very young “they realize everything”, and like good Terriers, they can show their independent vein and a little stubborn from time to time. So there is no giving ground, but always teaching them with patience and tenderness.

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