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How to take care of a German shepherd?



To know how to care for a German shepherd we must be very clear about some general points of basic care that any dog ​​needs, regardless of its breed, size or characteristics.

Basic needs and care of a dog

Food and water. Dogs must have fresh and clean water at all times to be able to drink and hydrate whenever they want. We must also be able to provide you with the food you need each day to maintain a strong, healthy, and energetic body. It is important that it is a quality meal since your health will be a reflection of what you eat.
Hygiene. Take care of the general hygiene of your pet by cutting their nails when necessary, cleaning their ears and the area of ​​the face. Clean the eye area, especially in long-haired dogs that tend to accumulate more blemishes. You should also comb his hair and bathe him when it is dirty.
I rest. Any animal needs to sleep in a comfortable and warm place. Offer your dog a bed or mat appropriate to its size so that it can have quality sleep. Dogs spend many hours of the day resting, so the place where they do it must be very comfortable.
Walks and exercises. Every dog ​​has different needs when it comes to exercise, but everyone should exercise their muscles and enjoy going out once or twice a day for a walk, run, or play with other dogs. Don’t forget that, regardless of exercise, everyone should go out 2 or 3 times a day to relieve themselves.
Time together. You should spend time with your dog and let him socialize and have fun with other people and animals. It is essential to spend some time every day to be with your pet, caress it and play with it; the longer the better.
Education. It is important to teach dogs what is right and what is wrong, as well as basic obedience so that they can behave correctly both at home and on the street. Education should always be positive, without shouting or punishment.
Vet. You should visit the vet at least once a year to have his general health checked. In addition, you must be up to date on deworming and vaccinations.

How to take care of a German shepherd taking into account its characteristics?

The German Shepherd is a very obedient herding dog that has worked in different fields over time: guard dog, police dog, army dog, guide dog, and rescue dog among others. The fame of the breed has caused it to suffer from irresponsible breeding, making it one of the breeds with the most genetic problems.

Some of the care of the German shepherd is:

Water and cool place. The German Shepherd is a very heat-sensitive breed, so it can warm up much faster than other dogs. Avoid prolonged time in the sun and keep the house cool in summer. In addition, you must pay special attention to their drinking fountain, since they usually drink a lot of water and empty it.
I think of quality. They need a very nutritious diet adapted to the needs of large dogs. The food you choose should have meat as the main source of protein and not cereals. In addition, it is convenient that the feed includes glucosamine and chondroitin among its components to promote joint health.
Daily brushing. It loses hair constantly so, although its coat does not need special care, you do have to comb it every day to remove dead hair.
Hereditary diseases. As we have already mentioned, the indiscriminate breeding of the German Shepherd has left health consequences such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Walking problems are very common in this breed and can occur even when young, so you have to take it regularly to the vet to check its hips.
Daily exercise. Being a working breed you need to always keep fit and take long walks every day. The German Shepherd must have space to be able to run and exercise at least 1 time a day. This also contributes immensely to your health, both mental and physical. Games and training sessions also help your dog have sufficient stimulation.

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