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How to scold a puppy?



When a puppy comes to our house our world changes. Now the most important thing is him and we give him our full attention. In return we want him to behave well and follow our rules. For this, and for good behavior in the future, it is very important to find out the correct way to train our puppy.
If you are in the process of raising your puppy, you will have times when you wonder how to scold a puppy. This is a delicate situation since improperly scolding a puppy can be fatal and may even make negative behavior worse. We highlight in this article that the best way to train a dog is with positive reinforcement and never with violence.

Is it bad to scold a puppy?

Dogs feel that we are part of their pack and want to live in peace with us. They actually want us to be happy and they don’t misbehave to make us angry. They don’t know what good or bad behavior is until they learn it from us. Canine education does not try to punish the bad behavior of the dog, but to reward it when it behaves well, therefore, we could say that it is not good to scold a puppy, in the sense of using violence and punishment. This way of teaching is called positive reinforcement training.

Why do puppies behave “badly”?

Dogs, especially puppies, ask us for a lot of attention and will do everything possible to get it, even destroying the cushions to see if we react. If you spot negative behavior, you should remedy it from the start. For example, if he jumps up to greet you, ignore this behavior, turn around and turn your back on him. When it has calmed down you can pet it.

Usually, a puppy just wants your attention and tries to figure out how he can steal it from you. Therefore, to make a dog behave well, we recommend using positive reinforcement to correct your puppy.
What to do if my puppy gets aggressive when I scold him?

If your dog becomes aggressive or bites you when you scold him, it will probably be because he feels threatened or scared and is only trying to defend himself or to indicate that something in your behavior is bothering him.

Alternatives to scolding a puppy

Dogs often bite our hands because in their world it is their way of playing. Between them, it is very normal for their legs or beards to be pinched. Human hands are more sensitive and we notice their sharp teeth more than dogs, which are protected by thick fur and fur. But instead of hitting a dog in the nose, you can offer him an alternative to his bad behavior. In this case, you can give him a toy suitable for puppies. You will learn that your hands are taboo to chew.

Avoid the causes of negative behavior

Before you scold a puppy, it would be best to focus on avoiding the causes of the negative behavior. If, for example, your dog is pulling on the leash, ask yourself: why is he doing it? Maybe it’s because the strap is too short and sticks to your feet. Some puppies are afraid of being stepped on.

Mental and physical education

For your puppy to be happy and balanced he needs mental and physical training. This way, you can learn faster and feel satisfied. A puppy needs about 30 minutes of walk full of games, smells, meetings with friends, and quiet moments. If your puppy is mentally and physically busy, he is less likely to fight you at home.

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