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How to prevent your puppy from chewing on your feet



When the furry ones are small they have to learn certain guidelines, and among them not to bite their feet. More than one of us has had our puppy hanging from our pants or sneakers.

If you keep reading we will tell you certain tricks or guidelines to avoid this behavior in our little companion.


Is It A Matter Of The Puppy’s Instinct?

Obviously, it is a matter of instinct. We must not forget that dogs are descended from the wolf, even though domestication has largely modified that hunting instinct.

The movement of the feet is very striking and attractive to puppies and brings out that hunting instinct. We are not saying that our dog wants to hunt us, but it does motivate him to play chase and hunt.


Guidelines To Teach To Avoid Getting Our Feet Bitten

First of all, the essential thing is to be clear that the movement of the feet is what activates this behavior in the puppy. To teach the furry not to bite our feet can be summarized in these points:

When it bites our feet, the first thing we have to do is stop in its tracks. At that point, his fun will wane and he will tire of being trendy.
Puppies often chew on their feet to get attention. For this reason what we have to do is not pay attention to it, in this way you will not be able to associate the bite with getting attention.
Another possibility is that the puppy needs to release its energy and therefore seeks to play with our feet. To do this, what we can do is propose another alternative game. To do this, when he stops biting his still feet, we must reward him by playing something else. Knot rope toys are perfect.

Under No Circumstances Should You Quarrel

Dogs must be educated with rewards and positive reinforcement. You never have to scold them, because for them that is a response to the attention they demand and they will continue with the behavior.

It is important to follow the advice above and always reward when their behavior is appropriate.

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