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How to preserve dog food



As lovers of our pets, we always look for the best for them. And the food is an important part, which we must always bear in mind and with which we must pay special attention.

It is not only about looking for the best feed for our furry ones, you also have to know how to preserve the food so that it does not spoil and lose its nutritional characteristics.

If you want to know how to preserve dog food in the correct way, read on.


Before Opening The Package

Although it may seem silly, the containers that we have at home, unopened, should be kept in a place without humidity and if possible in a dark place. The best places to keep packages closed are pantries and kitchen cabinets.

On the contrary, they should not be stored in cabinets under the sink because a lot of moisture can accumulate and neither in garages where the temperature can vary often.

It is important to keep the containers in the right place because even if they are unopened, the food can lose its properties if it undergoes sudden changes in temperature or is stored in places with high humidity.


Open Containers

For dry food, we advise you to keep them in the original shipment. And it is that in Pitsky we have designed the bags of our NUTRIPLUS food range with zip closure so that they retain their properties for as long as possible.

In addition, keeping the food in the original container will allow you to have at hand all the necessary information about your furry’s feed, such as the nutritional tables.

And if you prefer, you can store the bags in drums. This way you can also better protect them from light and moisture.

If the food you offer your furry dog does not have a hermetic seal, try to ensure that this food is consumed as soon as possible. In addition to keeping the container tightly closed or inside a drum in its original container.

Buying large containers allows us to save a little money. But if we have a small breed puppy and it takes months to consume everything in the container, it is possible that the food will lose its qualities in that time. So try to adapt the size of the container to the amount of food your furry eats.

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