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How to clean my dog’s paws?



Dogs love to go outside. In addition, it is a necessary activity, not only so that they can relieve themselves, but also to keep them active and have fun. However, on the same street, they can acquire dirt and other elements. This is why you need to know how to clean dog paws.

Cleaning your dog’s legs is not only important for the care of the animal. Dirt from the street can spread around the house wherever the animal goes. Therefore, it is a hygienic routine, which benefits both the dog and the rest of the people who live with him. As soon as you arrive from the street, it is something that you will have to do.

Clean dog paws in just 3 steps

Cleaning the paws of dogs is a task that you can easily do. In most cases, you just need to follow these 3 steps:

  • Moisten the legs with lukewarm water
  • Apply a little soap to the pads, and lather for 20-30 seconds with light massages
  • Rinse and pat dry with a dry cloth, paper towel, or kitchen roll
    It is very important that the soap you are going to use is special for dogs. There are soaps for people that contain perfumes, or other ingredients, that can be harmful to the animal’s skin. If you do not have a shampoo of this type, there are other products that you can use as an alternative, which we will talk about later.


Tips for cleaning the paws of dogs

There are a number of very useful tips and recommendations that you can follow to clean your dog’s paws well.

Wash the dog
There are times when your dog will have very dirty paws. In these cases, it is best to wash it with warm water and special shampoo for dogs. Try to rub and clean very well both around the fingers and on the nails, places where dirt is more easily embedded. Once finished, you should dry their paws with a clean towel and preferably brush the fur.

For this bath, it is not necessary to put the dog in the bathtub. It will be enough to use a bowl or a basin.

Using wet wipes
The wipes are an excellent choice to remove surface dirt from their feet. By rubbing it a bit, you will remove all the small residues that it may have. If you don’t have wet wipes at home, an alternative to using is napkins or kitchen paper moistened with a little warm water and dog shampoo.

Vinegar as a natural disinfectant
In cases where you do not have special shampoo for dogs at home, you can use a solution of water and vinegar. You just have to pour this mixture into a container, wet a clean cloth with it, and rub the dog’s paws and pads. After this, and as in the previous cases, you must dry well, with a dry cloth, so that there are no traces of water or dirt.

Dog paw cleaner
The use of a good dog paw cleaner is something that will be essential. The most advisable thing is that it be a cleaner made with a flexible material and that it adapts to the animal’s legs. In addition, it must be adapted to the size of your pet, be easy to clean and light, to be able to carry it in the car, and clean your dog before he gets in the vehicle.

Disinfect dog paws: how to do it

We have already seen that vinegar is a product that can be used to disinfect the paws of dogs. However, there are other natural products that you can also use for this.

Lemon juice, for example, is antiseptic and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. You can prepare a mixture of water with lemon juice in a container, dip a cloth in it and rub the paws and pads of the dog. Another recommended product is tea tree oil, a product that, when mixed with water, also has disinfectant properties.

To disinfect the paws of dogs, you must always avoid the use of products that may be irritating to the animal’s skin. In this sense, you should not use products that contain alcohol or bleach. Remember that the skin on the feet and pads is very sensitive and can be easily irritated.

Cleaning the legs of dogs is, in short, a routine that you must carry out, both to take care of the hygiene of the animal, and to keep the house clean. Once your pet arrives from the street, check its paws well to see if it has harmful substances attached. From here, you will see the type of washing it needs so that the dog itself feels clean and comfortable.

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