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How to Bathe My Dog ​​At Home



Beyond hours of play and affection, pets require various cares to stay healthy, one of them is bathing, but not too often because, contrary to helping them, we could affect their fur and skin. Many people prefer to do it at home instead of going to a dog groomer or the vet, so at we give you some tips so you know how to bathe your dog at home.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, always use special shampoo for dogs and never a product for humans or any other type of soap. Remember that the hair of this animal has specific needs.

2. To bathe your dog at home, it is necessary to have an ideal space for it, be it a terrace, garden, or a bathroom large enough to allow you to carry out the task, otherwise it is best to take it to a center to do it. the job

3. It is important that water does not enter the dog’s ears or it could cause discomfort and inflammation, so it is advisable to cover his ears with cotton to keep them dry

4. The water temperature should be pleasant and warm so that the animal feels as comfortable as possible. After wetting it, apply the shampoo on your back and begin to rub gently but with some energy to remove the dirt accumulated in your hair.

5. Then wash their paws, they are usually very dirty but in theory, if you take care of brushing your dog’s hair you should also periodically remove the mud accumulated in this area. If not, dedicate the necessary attention to removing all the dirt

6. Finally, you must pass the shampoo over his head, taking care that it does not get into the ears or eyes.

7. To rinse it, you should take your dog by the snout and pour water preferably with a bucket from the head to the back in this way it will spread to his back. You must repeat this process as many times as necessary, making sure that there are no shampoo residues in her hair that could cause irritation and allergies later on.

8. Once you are sure that there is no shampoo left, you should proceed to dry your hair very very well to prevent moisture from remaining in it and causing skin problems. Start by passing a towel through his hair to remove excess water, also gently clean his ears

9. The best thing is that since puppy your dog is familiar with the dryer because it is an effective way to dry their hair, in specialized stores, you can get them special for dogs that make less noise than normal and do not have such a high temperature

10. Then you should carefully brush his hair, removing the knots that may have been created and helping it to show off a shinier coat. Remember that brushing must be frequent so the effect of the bath will last longer and your dog will not shed as much hair.

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