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Gifts for dogs according to their age or character



That moment of the year comes when we want to have a detail with those we love. And, of course, our faithful companion cannot be absent from that list of loves. The one that makes our lives happy and that, at this time of year, makes us think of gifts for dogs. Something that only arises in those homes that know what it is to share their life with a furry one. Precisely for all that they give us in a disinterested way, they also deserve a small present at these parties. Our personal way of thanking you for that love you profess for us, and of ensuring your well-being.

Because, although gifts for dogs are sometimes toys, they have a clear purpose. We mean improving your quality of life, both physically and emotionally. One aspect, his psyche, is as important as taking care of his diet or keeping his veterinary card up to date. We cannot forget it: the dog is a social animal, and dependent on its human family. Two compelling reasons why, at Christmas like the rest of the year, we dedicate the time it needs and deserves.

And, in the same way, that we try to give a human what they may like according to their tastes or age, we have to do the same with our furry. Adapting gifts for dogs to each animal is knowing that we are investing in an article with a future. The best way to be sure that that Christmas gift will be useful over time. Whatever purpose you have.



The needs of a puppy are not the same as those of an adult dog. Therefore, gifts for dogs must be tailored to the characteristics of each animal. A way of knowing that what we give you will have a utility. It is clear that no one knows a dog better than its owner. Therefore, today we want to propose different styles of gifts for dogs so that you can choose which is the most suitable for you.

Some proposals vary depending on the personality you may have. Let’s see in detail and in a practical way dog ​​gift ideas suitable for different types of animals.


1. Gifts for playful dogs
We refer, inevitably, to the puppies. Those adorable dog babies need to nibble on everything they catch and need to vent their energy. Some demand gifts for specific dogs for multiple reasons. On the one hand, for those incipient teeth that demand to be able to bite without regard. On the other, because they need toys adapted to the level of safety at their age.

For puppies, there are three types of ideal dog treats: chew toys, dolls, and balls. The latter are great both for entertainment and for getting started in the game. But be careful: we will always have to choose them one size larger than the capacity of your mouth. If we opt for dolls, the ideal is that they are soft to the touch. An appearance well received by puppies that, in addition, will be respectful with those teeth that are beginning to come out.


2. Gifts for active dogs
It is a whirlwind. The typical high-energy dog ​​doesn’t just want to be constantly playing. You also need a good dose of vent daily to keep you calm. For them, we have to think of two different scenarios when looking for gifts for dogs. On the one hand, the necessary entertainment for the hours you are indoors. On the other, to offer you an accessory that meets your needs when you leave it.

To play indoors, the dolls with sounds are a perfect bet. The fact that they make noise when pressed will arouse your curiosity and therefore make this toy your favorite. Not suitable for nervous owners, as the noise symphony may not be to the liking of many. Although there is another option: remove the toy when we get home, and that the entertainment of our furry is our company.


3. Gifts for sporty dogs
Playing sports with your dog is a wonderful way to get in shape while enjoying his company. What’s more: for our animals, sharing that exercise time is also a wonderful gift. Something to consider, but always taking care that the activity is good for both parties.
If we are lovers of running, among our gifts for dogs we could not miss a fundamental accessory. We refer to the strap that allows us to go running with our friend, without the muscles of either of us suffering.


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