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English Cocker Spaniel, all about this breed



It is one of the most popular and well-known dogs in the world, the English Cocker Spaniel radiates joy, is intelligent, and loves the company of his family, he no longer likes to be alone. His striking fur, abundant on the ears and legs, and that unmistakable look that has made him “queen” in millions of homes.

Of Spanish origin
There is some controversy about the origin of its name. Many experts believe that it is derived from the old French word “espaigneul”, which meant “Spanish dog” in allusion to the country where the original dogs came from, in the border territory between France and Spain. According to another theory, these first spaniels arrived in England accompanying their Spanish owners, who gave numerous copies to the English aristocracy. Both currents of opinion agree on the Spanish origin of this popular breed. Once the dogs settled in Great Britain, they selected the smaller ones and added the name “Cocker”, derived from the English term “woodcock”.which means “woodcock”, since this dog was highly appreciated in hunting this bird. Although it is also believed that the origin of the term “cocker” is a derivation of “cocking”, which is the English term for the water coot.

The English Cocker Spaniel was recognized as a breed in the 19th century by the English Kennel Club.

Cheerful, active, and somewhat territorial
The English Cocker Spaniel is a strong, athletic dog with a compact body since the measurement from the ground to the withers and from this to the tail is practically the same.

One of its most striking features, and one that perfectly defines its character, is that it captures its innate joy in the constant movement of its tail. The Cocker is dynamic and enjoys exercise, both long walks around the city and a good excursion through the countryside, where he is at ease, however, this does not prevent him from being a great companion at home ( they love the company of their family), where they should not be hyperactive, the Cocker is a “very vital” dog, but they must behave in a balanced and calm manner at home, and this is achieved with proper socialization and education.

His determined temperament and somewhat stubbornness at times need socialization from a very young age, and patience but constant education, since Cockers display all their charms and flattery to try to get away with it since they are puppies. A well-trained Cocker, who knows the rules of his house and who is used to people, noises, and a multitude of situations, will be a sociable, balanced, and confident dog.


Your tendency to obesity

In general, the English Cocker Spaniel is a strong dog and a long-lived breed. Of course, it is important to control their weight, especially when they reach adulthood. The English Cocker Spaniel needs regular exercise to stay in shape, since it is also a very gluttonous breed, and this makes it particularly prone to being overweight and obese. Not only is it an excellent family dog, but it is also a magnificent athlete, and it is very common to see dogs of this breed practicing activities such as Agility.

Attention should also be paid to the ear canal since their long ears make proper aeration difficult and otitis is frequent in this breed. In addition, after walks (especially in the field), it is advisable to check them thoroughly to detect spikes or any other foreign body in them. They require regular brushing of their coat and visits to the dog groomer to trim their hair when necessary.

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