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Eggs in Dog Food – Benefits and Amounts



There is a great debate about whether it is good for a dog to eat egg or not, and even if it is better if it is raw or cooked. So from Soyunperro we are going to review what are the main benefits of eggs in the dog’s diet and what are the possible drawbacks.

Can dogs eat eggs?

Obviously yes, not only they can but it is a highly nutritious food thanks to a large amount of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins A, D, E and a few of the B complex. That is, the egg contains a great nutritional value .

Most dogs eat eggs in their diet, either through commercial feed or a natural diet such as ACBA ( Biologically Appropriate Raw Food ).

Is raw or cooked egg better?

Boiled egg is undoubtedly better . The nutritional losses if it is well cooked are minimal (if it is overcooked, some vitamins can be lost). In addition, it is similar in digestibility to crude oil.

Other reasons for not giving raw eggs are in the first place the risk of contracting diarrhea from E. coli, salmonella, Listeria, Cryptosporidium among others, and poisoning from Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, this risk will not only be for the dog but for the owner due to the daily handling of this food.

In addition, the raw egg contains an anti-nutritional factor called avidin. This inside the egg prevents the proliferation of bacteria blocking vitamins B7 and B8 (biotin). Therefore, when administered raw, it blocks the absorption of these vitamins, not only in the egg but in all the food that we administer.

In addition, cooked eggs emit more volatile substances than raw eggs, making them more fragrant and palatable to dogs. Remember that you should never give your dog a fried egg. If you choose to give him a cooked egg, it can be in the form of a French omelet (without salt) or as a boiled egg (without the shell), as a poached or microwave fried egg (without oil).


Is it good to also give them the shell?

If the egg is raw, many people also give their dog the shell. There are those who give it whole and those who give it a little shredded. We recommend that you NEVER give the shell.

For what reason? Well, if it is raw, it can be a source of contagion of the aforementioned diseases, something that will greatly harm our dog. And if it’s cooked, it can turn into little blades that rip through your digestive system, from your mouth to your rectum.

So in our opinion, eggs are, but shells are not. The shell only provides calcium and there are much safer ways to provide calcium, such as meaty bones.


How many eggs can a dog eat?

They can eat all that you give them, but that is where we must use our common sense and know-how to value that anything in excess is harmful.

There is no exact amount of eggs that a dog can eat, but as an example, our fifteen-kilogram dog eats one boiled, shelled egg a week, while our large forty-kilogram eats two weekly and they have never felt bad.

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