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Catahoula Leopard



The Catahoula Leopard gets its name from the distinctive mottled appearance of its coat. It is an American dog that was dedicated to hunting and herding. Strong, dominant, and active, it requires an experienced caregiver.

Basic data

Weight: 18-23 kg.
Height: 51-66 cm.
Life expectancy: 12-13 years.
Ideal for: people with previous experience in handling dogs.

History of the Catahoula Leopard Dog

It is a spectacular dog from the United States. Specifically, one of the deepest territories in the south of the country, in a parish in northeast Louisiana, which is what gives it its name. Its origin is dated to the eighteenth century, although other sources advance it to the sixteenth, so there are still unknowns regarding its emergence.

Their duties were deer hunting and herding to help herd both wild pigs and cattle that sometimes escaped into forests and swamps. His methods of retrieving them were not very delicate, as he pursued and fought with them. He was also in charge, to a lesser extent, of tracking and expelling raccoons.

It is probably a descendant of war dogs brought to the continent by the Spanish and interbred with Native American dogs in the area. Today it continues to be found as a sheepdog, but it has also managed to become a prized companion dog, although it is rare to find it outside the United States.

Characteristics of the Catahoula Leopard dog

They are large-sized dogs with long, well-muscled bodies. The head is large, with a broad skull and somewhat flattened. The truffle can be presented in different shades. The ears are usually short. The eyes, medium and round, also admit different colors. The chest is deep, which contributes to good heart and lung capacity.

The legs are long, solid, and strong. The tail is set low. The coat is single-layered, short, smooth, thick, and close to the body. It is in blackbird or black and tan. But the most interesting thing is the characteristic that makes it unmistakable: the leopard’s name is due to the speckled spots on its coat, which evoke those of this animal.

Even so, there are specimens of solid color, that is, without the typical leopard spots. The breed has not yet been recognized by the International Cynological Federation, as it has variations in different features such as the tailor the ears. This means that it is possible to find quite different specimens, even if they are littermates.

Catahoula dog character

Catahoula Leopards stand out for their dominant, energetic, and strong character, which can cause coexistence problems if it falls into the hands of people without sufficient knowledge for its correct handling. In addition, they are agile, flexible, and resistant. It is not the most suitable breed for living with children, nor does it always accept the company of other dogs.

In any case, this aspect depends a lot on the socialization you receive, as well as the education that we offer you. It is not especially easy to educate, so we must strive to get good training and adequate socialization to avoid behavior problems. If we have doubts in this regard, we will go to a professional.

In addition, they are active and intelligent dogs that will need a high level of physical activity and mental stimulation for their well-being. A Catahoula Leopard with its needs met will make an excellent and faithful companion. He is very protective and a good guardian. He will defend anyone who considers his family and his properties.

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