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The Afghan Hound is a British breed of dog that originated in Afghanistan. The FCI lists Afghans in Group 10, Section 1 (long-haired or feathered greyhounds). Afghan Hounds are considered stubborn and have a strong hunting instinct. Therefore, the breed is particularly suitable for experienced dog owners.

Origin of the Afghan

The Afghan Hound originally comes from Afghanistan. There it was used to hunt mountain goats several thousand years ago. Due to their incalculable value as hunting dogs, Afghans were always considered extremely valuable and therefore were not allowed to export them for a long time.

The Afghan Hound’s coat is often colored as follows:

  • cream
  • the payment
  • Red
  • negro
  • Silver-Black
  • Black Brown
  • ivory
  • domino
  • blue

    Afghans essence and character

    As is common with greyhounds, Afghans are extremely calm, friendly, and discreet at home. They generally get along well with children. Afghan Greyhounds tend to be reserved and aloof with other dogs and strangers.

An excessive protective instinct is not one of the Afghan traits. However, they have a strong hunting instinct and are difficult to retrieve from outdoor prey. This often makes it impossible to let an Afghan Hound walk without a leash when walking the dog.

Afghans are also considered strong-willed and sometimes have a reputation for being a bit stubborn. Folder obedience is far from them. Instead, they always remain very independent. Therefore, patience and consistency are required in your education. However, excessive hardness should be avoided. Because this is not welcomed by extremely sensitive animals.

Anyone who knows how to deal with an Afghan Hound can certainly look forward to a loyal companion. However, beginners should go for a different breed of dog.

Activities with the Afghan Hound

Activities with the Afghan Hound
With us, the importance of the Afghan as a hunting dog is very low. Instead, the breed is kept primarily as an ordinary family and companion dog.

However, if you are considering purchasing an Afghan Hound, you should be aware that the animals need a lot of exercise. Proper utilization through regular running training or even participating in races is always a good idea.

The Afghan’s strengths are mostly found in sprints over shorter distances. In everyday life, there is also the possibility of taking the dogs with you when jogging or cycling.

Afghan diseases
As with many pedigree dogs, there is, unfortunately, an increased risk of some breed-typical diseases in Afghans.

This includes the so-called Afghan myelopathy, an inherited disease of the spinal cord. An Afghan myelopathy disease leads to complete paralysis of the extremities. However, it can be largely ruled out through specific selection inbreeding.

Also, the Afghan Hound is one of the breeds where tartar forms very easily. Therefore, regular dental care is essential in these dogs to avoid problems.

Other health problems Afghans may experience include:

  • hip dysplasia
  • waterfalls
  • stomach twists

Proper nutrition of the Afghan Hound

If you want to optimally support the well-being of your Afghan Hound, feeding it as needed is essential. The exact energy requirement of the dog depends on several factors. Besides age and weight, physical activities play a crucial role here.

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