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8 sports to practice with your dog



Dogs are great training partners, they enjoy, they always want to accompany us and, in addition, exercise is very good for both!


Dogs improve our fitness
Their energy can be contagious: Research from Michigan State University has shown that dog owners were 34% more likely to get 150 minutes of exercise a week than people who didn’t own a dog. Even if we only go for a walk with him, we are already exercising. But there are plenty of activities we can do together and strengthen our bond.


Going for a run with our dog can be a lot of fun. In addition, being an animal of habits, it will immediately become a pleasant routine for him. Their enthusiasm will infect us and change our attitude when we feel lazy when it comes to playing sports. We just have to take into account its rhythm, respect the hottest hours and move exercise away from mealtimes to avoid problems such as torsion or gastric dilatation.


What if we practice canicross? Get yourself a belt and harness and start running with your friend! To know everything about this sport, click here.


We can take advantage of the good weather to swim with our dog in the sea, the beach or a lake. It is a complete exercise that does not have negative consequences for your joints and, if we also accompany you with your favorite ball, you will have a great time!


We can also take our friend for a ride in a kayak. Smaller breeds can perch up front, while larger dogs may feel more secure near our feet. Teaching him to get in and out of the kayak on land first and then practice in shallow water is a routine that we must take into account to get him used little by little. Their first outings must be relaxed and fun, and always rewarded with a treat. Once you integrate going out into your routine, why not a bath?


Do you like the bike? Bikejoring is your sport! It’s perfect for dogs with tons of energy who like to run. You can read all about this sport at this link.


This is another great way to burn off excess energy, as long as we are expert skaters. Our dog can run alongside us, or in front attached to a canicross belt. It is, however, advisable to skate in a traffic-free zone, such as a park or promenade, so that we can enjoy the experience in a safe and fun way.


Canine Fitness
There are fitness classes designed for dogs. In a typical class, we will find different intensity levels of obedience, balance, and cardio exercises. Balls, “peanuts”, “donuts”, ramps, trampolines, fences, and stairs can be part of a sports circuit. And why not a treadmill or underwater treadmill to train athletes? We can accompany you and exercise too!


For cold and winter climates! Enjoy the snow, skiing, and sports with your dog. Do you want to know how?

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