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5 tips to cool your dog in summer



High temperatures require taking precautions in the care and handling of our dogs to keep them comfortable in summer. The heat greatly affects the well-being of dogs, especially brachycephalics, for whom it is a great risk, puppies and older dogs. We propose 5 tips that will help you keep them cool this summer.

Keep the house cool

Placing their bed or mat in the coolest possible place in the house is vital when it comes to brachycephalic dogs since their heat tolerance threshold is very low and they can suffer severe respiratory and health problems in the heat.

Cooling systems such as fans or air conditioning will be of great help. If the dog spends time in the garden, they should have shady and well-ventilated places.


Adequate hydration: do not lack water

Make sure the dog drinks enough water when the heat is intense. Place drinkers with fresh and clean water, renew it at least twice a day and do not leave your drinker exposed to the sun, and if you want to make sure that the water is more palatable for your dog, you can put an ice cube in it.


Walk your dog when it’s cooler

You should not do intense exercise, take long walks or play sports with the dog in the hottest hours of the day. It is advisable to go out with him early and late in the day and it is also advisable to bring water to hydrate and refresh him while he is outside. When you get home after the activity, it is better not to drink gluttonously, but little by little, especially if the dog is large or giant.

Also, in summer the pavement of the streets is ‘on fire’ and can injure your footpads. If he accompanies you to the beach, remember that you must avoid the hours of the greatest solar radiation and be careful to protect them. If the dog has an area shaved by a surgical procedure, for example, or a large area with alopecia, we must protect it from the sun using a shirt of its size, made of breathable material.


Trim her hair and brush it often

If you decide to cut her hair, it is essential to always leave a minimum length of at least two or three centimeters to protect the skin and not fully expose it to the sun’s rays and the aggressions of the environment. Shaving the hair only from the belly is a great help to help them control their temperature: by lying on the floor or on the cooling mat, they quickly find relief from the heat.

Hair that is not in good condition tends to become matted and makes it difficult for the skin to aerate correctly, so we will carry out deep and regular brushing to remove dead hair (essential in dogs with thick hair) and to eliminate knots. After a swim in the pool or in the sea (where allowed), it is advisable to rinse it well with plenty of fresh water.


Heatstroke in dogs

This is one of the most acute veterinary emergencies at this time of year. Prevention is the only thing we can do to avoid it for our dog. But if it occurs, you have to urgently take him to the vet.


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