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10 top tips to educate your puppy



Finally, the puppy comes home! and with it a sea of doubts. In this post we want to give you 10 simple tips so that your life together is simple and happy:

1-Let’s use of discipline: from the beginning, we must establish a routine and discipline to educate our dog, he wants to please us and will always do everything possible, but he needs some rules. Consistently, when he is doing something wrong, we must say “no” and urge him to stop doing that action.
Depending on his behavior, we can use the technique of ignoring him. In this way, we show him that his behavior is unacceptable and does not attract our attention

2-Let’s teach him not to bite from the beginning: Many new puppy owners sometimes allow their puppy to bite their hands or feet when playing. Since he is small, he still can’t hurt us, but as he grows up, he will have learned to play that way, and, although unintentionally, he can really hurt us as an adult.

3-Correct socialization: our puppy must learn from others. Contact with other puppies and dogs, or better yet, attendance at behavior classes will benefit him and begin proper socialization that will prevent behavior problems in the future.

4-A place at home for him: the puppy must have a place in our home where he feels safe. Also, when we are not around him to watch him, it is very convenient to keep him in a pen, game room, or specific area just for him. Most puppies quickly learn to limit their bladder, as they don’t want to make a “mess” of their personal space.

5-Let’s teach him to use the strap: we will hold the strap correctly, without too much tension. There should be enough slack so that the puppy does not feel any discomfort. It takes some time to get used to it, but good use of the leash is essential, correcting the dog or stopping when he pulls and rewarding or praising him when he walks beside us without tension on the leash.

6-Replacement theory: it is a way to teach the puppy not to chew or bite inappropriate objects. For example, when we surprise him with our shoe, we will firmly say no, take it off and replace it with something he is allowed to chew on.

7-Let’s use treats: treats are by far the best training trick. Each dog has his favorite prize, be it a special snack for puppies, a ball, a game, a caress, etc. We will use it as reinforcement for desired acts or orders fulfilled. He will associate it quickly.

8-Let’s transmit confidence: our puppy needs to know who is in charge from the beginning, and we must show ourselves as his guide and act so that he feels confident too.

9-Let’s be consistent: consistency is the key to keeping our puppy away from confusion. If he is told one thing one day and another the next, he cannot be expected to learn correctly.

10-Let’s be patient: let’s remember that our puppy is just a baby and we are teaching him. There will be crashes in the beginning and you have to be patient with it if you want to achieve success.

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