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A dog will never tire of receiving love. Talk to him, cuddle him, share your secrets with him and take care of him! Your best friend needs several things. Here we share some tips to take care of your dog:

1. A plate to eat and another to drink, that is heavy and resistant.

2. Collar with your identification and leash.

3. A ball and chew toys. They must be special objects for dogs because human toys break at the first blow (also, if your pet breaks an object and swallows the pieces, it can get sick).

4. Brush, shampoo, and other toiletries.

5. A place to sleep. For example a mat, bed, or house.

6. You also need education. Only in this way will he be able to live for many years with his human family, other people, and other dogs. By the way, it is not worth ‘educating’ by shouting or beating. Your dog must respect and love you, not be afraid of you.

If you are patient and constant, you will soon teach your friend what he should know; that is, where to relieve themselves, to come when you call, to drop objects that are in his mouth, to sit down and not be aggressive with others. It is not a bad idea to take him to a dog school or consult a trainer for training tips.

7. Every dog requires exercise. This is great because it forces you to move too.

8. Don’t forget your right to health. Get a good vet to give him his annual vaccinations, deworm him, and check him out if he feels unwell.

9. Believe it or not, dogs hate being dirty. It is important to give them a bath from time to time (approximately every three weeks), brush, and clean their teeth.

10. The nutrition of your canine friend is basic. Ideally, give him good quality kibbles and never feed him human leftovers.

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